About Us

Kaakateeya.com - A world of Matrimonial Information

Kaakateeya.com, one of India's premier matrimonial portals is also the biggest online marriage facilitator exclusively for the Telugu community. While our match making service began with the Telugu community, in 1982, we have, over the years, also gained the trust of the Tamil community. And we are increasingly being acknowledged as auspicious for weddings by other communities as well.

We consider it a blessing that thousands and thousands of people attribute the marital bliss that they enjoy to our match making skills. And we attribute it to our belief that "choice making is the first step to match making". We have developed an expert search system to sift through our voluminous database and produce a 'best match shortlist' for match seekers. The Swan symbol in our logo embodies our hypersensitive sifting ability.

The ease of registration, the array of our value added services, multi-layered protection of member information and down-to- earth pricing... all stem from being sensitive to your needs. We understand what a life changing decision it is to tie the knot and we invest all our energies in making it a 'happily-ever- after' experience for you.

Off-line Services - Kaakateeya Marriages Pvt. Ltd.

You can also visit any of our 20+ branches, in major cities, if you so prefer, for registration. We will provide all the match making services equivalent to our on-line offering. You will be given a basic Login/Password to kaakateeya.com which will allow you to view, edit or delete your profile, change photos and search for other members. Your most recent photograph is a must.